NFWB Grievance Procedure

Updated Saturday December 1, 2012 by NFWB.

North Farmington/West Bloomfield

Baseball/Softball for Youth

Grievance Procedure


At times, a person may have an issue with respect to another person in the league. Most issues should be able to be handled by the manager of each team. If it is between teams or managers/coaches, the President of the League should try and handle the problem in a fair and diplomatic manner. If it cannot be handled at the League President level, it should then be directed to the League Commissioner for resolution.


NFWB also has a formal written grievance policy. An individual must write a formal grievance against another individual. This grievance must identify who the grievance is against, the reason for the grievance, facts and circumstances surrounding the grievance and who is filing the grievance. This written grievance is given to the Grievance Director.


Once the Grievance Director receives a formal grievance, he/she is solely responsible to obtain the necessary information from the various parties with respect to the grievance. All other NFWB volunteer personnel should yield the situation to the Grievance Director until his/her investigation is completed. Once the total investigation is completed, the Grievance Director convenes and makes a recommendation to a Grievance Committee. This Grievance Committee is selected by the Grievance Director, for each individual grievance, and normally should include the Executive Board (as long as no Executive Board Member is a party to the grievance), League Commissioner, League President and any other individual(s) the Grievance Director may view as helpful to the process of determining the appropriate course of action by the League.


The Grievance Director may either bring his/her recommendation to the Grievance Committee or he/she may ask the Grievance Committee to come up with the appropriate action.


Once the action is determined by the Grievance Committee, the action is communicated by the Grievance Director to all the respective parties.


If you have any questions with respect to these procedures, please contact a member of the Executive Board of NFWB.